Abbott Apps

Since 2013, Abbott Apps by Professor Steven Abbott has provided free apps for Web Handling and Adhesion Science. Other apps can be found at https://www.stevenabbott.co.uk/abbottapps/

Run TSpan App - Tension in a Span between Rollers

Run TTS App - Control Tension Through Speed

Run IComp App - Torque to Accelerate Roll


Books & Papers

Extrusion Coating Manual, 5th Edition, Warren Durling, Tappi Press, ISBN 978-1-59510-247-8, Chapter 2-Section 8 Drives for Web Handling

  • Coming Soon!

    Web Handling Handbook, David Roisum, Timothy Walker, Dilwyn Jones, Chapter 6 Drives

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    Clarence Klassen Teaches a 2-Day "Drives for Web Handling" class through AIMCAL's Converting School or AIMCAL's Online Converting School.

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